? Peep-toe shoes illustration for sunny days

It is not pink like the one in the Louis Vuitton pumps illustration, but the leather brownish colour of the peep-toe shoes illustration below is always an attraction for me, especially when sun shines.

tosca-peep-toe-shoes-illustration-marta-madaiva-illustratorYes, sun is shining in London – :-O – and what a better occasion – this is the case – for wearing peep-toe shoes for a stroll in the park?

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the designer of the leather open toe pumps. I recall the brand is Italian, but I forgot the name! This is why the question mark in the peep-toe shoes illustration title!

Privilege Entertainment illustration: meet the team!

Who is behind the team? How many times do you wonder who the amazing people behind the scenes are? Privilege Entertainment illustration is the first of a series of meet-the-team illustrations.

London based Privilege Entertainment was founded by stilish Italian entrepreneur Francesco Trivelli, who works hard with other three collaborators Carlo, Lorenzo and Nicola to provide the best entertainment services in the city!

So, if you are in London you can’t miss the best clubbing experience with Privilege Entertainment! Always privilege fun!

Beyoncé and baby Blue Ivy illustration

As holiday approached the Beyoncé and baby Blue Ivy illustration, which goes back to July, went to the drawer!

The pop singer Beyoncé with her daughter Blue Ivy on her hip were caught by paparazzi during their shopping trip to New York City in July. She showed off not only her little girl, but also her newly braided hair tied up in a bun!

The Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy sketch is still unfinished! :-(

Rupert Sanderson sandals for the London 2012 Olympics

As a matter of fact I truly love shoes. So illustrating the Rupert Sanderson sandals has been an enjoyable time. The inspiration came after a shopping tour with my special friend at Selfridges on a Saturday afternoon – not really the right time to go shopping as it was very crowded!!!

The Italian-made Rupert Sanderson sandals are drawn from the colours of the Union Jack and have been designed for the Queen’s Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics.

The Marquita sandals, made of patent leather, are the best choice for a summer and Olympic night out!

Chanel sunglasses illustration to call back good weather

Where has the good weather gone?! In London the weather remains unpredictable: showers, sun and wind on the same day. Typically British. Only a week ago we were under the illusion that sun lotions, skimpy dresses with designer sunglasses (=occhiali da sole) would remain with us for the following months.

So Chanel sunglasses illustration, on a classic aviator style, is a hope for a better weather soon, which means loads of smiles on people’s face through the city streets.

Chanel sunglasses for a hope that chance of rain and low temperatures will remain just a vague memory!


Giuseppe Zanotti Design pastel blue suede wedges

It’s 2012, but Giuseppe Zanotti Design pastel blue suede wedges (= scarpe con la zeppa blu pastello) from the spring/summer 2011 collection are still one of my favourites.

Much loved by celebrities and the international jet-set, the Italian shoe designer was influenced by his tailor mum, but surprinsingly he started his career as a DJ playing music for seven-eight years! Luckly Giuseppe Zanotti decided to freelance sketching shoes giving us the most fashionable shoes in the world! 

Sheath dress fashion illustration

Below is a fashion illustration I made for a family’s friend, who went to a dinner party. She asked me to design a sheath dress (= tubino) incorporating a bow.

She looked gorgeous!!!

Happy sparkling weekend!

Thank you card fashion illustration

One-month anniversary of my blog! First class delivery today for all my friends and followers around the globe who posted comments and wrote me emails to tell me how much they appreciate my work: a thank you card fashion illustration featuring Italian Vespa.

In any colour, it’s my favourite scooter! Yours?

London Fashion Week A/W 2012: We love Antonio Berardi

If you have already seen pictures from Antonio Berardi catwalk at London Fashion Week A/W 2012, then you should know why the majority of fashionistas loves Antonio!!!

I love every single outfit from Antonio Berardi A/W 2012 collection, which is quite strange! The illustration shows my high shining silver favourite!

Of Italian descent, Mr Berardi is known for his exquisite cut and appreciation for women’s body. In fact, the collection, inspired by Rococo movement and the contemporary artist Rachel Kneebone‘s porcelain sculptures, is built around geometric shapes that perfectly sculpt the body. Glamour is in the air with Antonio Berardi A/W 2012 collection!

London Fashion Week A/W 2012: Fyodor Golan full skirt dress illustration in Amelia’s Magazine

Spread the word: my Fyodor Golan full skirt dress fashion illustration appeared in Amelia’s Magazine under the London Fashion Week A/W 2012 catwalk review.

Fashion Fringe winners, the fashion design duo Fyodor Golan presented Welcome to the Machine, a Russian- inspired collection.

Strong palette, mixture of textures and rich embellishments, the collection is a must-see at London Fashion Week 2012! No secret that it was love at first sight when I saw Fyodor Golan full skirt dress!!!